About Me

I am a postdoc researcher in computer science at Harvard University, working with Dr. David Brooks and Dr. Gu-Yeon Wei in the Harvard Architecture, Circuits, and Compilers Group. My research interests are broadly in the areas of computer architecture, machine learning, reliability, and approximate computing. My work focuses on addressing the role hardware errors play on an application’s error tolerance, by designing tools and techniques to help understand how hardware errors propagate and affect software.

I completed my PhD at UIUC under the guidance of Dr. Sarita Adve in the RSim Research Group. During my graduate studies, I was very fortunate to be the recipient of the Mavis Future Faculty Fellowship, to be invited to the 7th Heidelberg Laureate Forum, and to recieve multiple awards for teaching and mentoring undergraduate students. Prior to joining UIUC, I completed my BSE from Princeton University, where I was the recipient of the John Ogden Bigelow Jr. Prize in Electrical Engineering.

In addition to doing research, I am also a steering committee member for the Computer Architecture Student Association (CASA) and the Computer Architecture Long-term Mentoring (CALM) initiatives. In my free time, I enjoy watching documentaries, playing soccer, and I am a contributing feature article writer at TechSpot.com.

If you are a student or researcher (or both!), please feel free to reach out to me by email!

Research Interests:

  • Computer Architecture
  • Reliability
  • Software Testing
  • Machine Learning
  • Approximate Computing